About us

Since May 1977, Trials & Motocross News has educated and entertained the huge population that comes from all walks of life with the goings on in the off-road motorcycle sports universe. Initially as an iconic weekly newspaper until October 2022. Now relaunched in a new format, TMX returned in March 2023 with a focussed, motivated and fresh new publisher delivering a brand-new look that resonates with readers old and new.

Under the ownership of WW Magazines (www.wwmagazines.com), TMX is glossy A4 monthly that delivers everything essential – and more – than it did before both print and online at www.tmxnews.co.uk with the added bonus that it incorporates Dirt Bike Rider – another iconic off-road motorcycle sport publication and brand that served this market with a huge following of readers from around the world – creating the ultimate combination of coverage for all true fans.