All change for British Motocross Championship in 2025 and beyond...

By Team TMX on 7th Jun 24

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Big news coming out on the ACU's social media channels is that they will take the running of the British Motocross Championship back in-house from the start of next year. The announcement is as follows... 

The ACU Board have recently concluded a comprehensive tender exercise to stage the ACU British Motocross Championship, for which the current contract concludes at the end of 2024.

A three-year contract was again on offer (2025-2027). In the decision-making process, the Board of Directors gave careful consideration to the wider health and overall future of British motocross. In doing so they took into account divisions within the sport and the decline in the number of motocross clubs, events and entries across the country.  Whilst there are many contributing factors to that reduction, as the UK Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport, the ACU is resolute in its duty to do everything possible to safeguard the future of motorcycle sport across all disciplines, including motocross.   

The ACU Board are acutely aware of the critical role which its organising clubs play in providing riders at all levels with a pathway to participate and progress within the sport.  Our aim is to create a system which allows riders to develop, and for the most talented to ultimately compete at the highest levels of FIM World Championship competition.  In motocross, it has been 23 years since a British rider won a FIM World Motocross Championship. If the ACU, as a founding Federation, is to produce future athletes capable of winning FIM World Championships then change is essential.   

Since 1951, the ACU British Motocross Championship has played a vital part in this process and provided a platform for British talent to compete internationally.  The series has always been a collaboration of the very best ACU motocross organisers, teams and competitors in the UK, with the backing of the motorcycle industry and support of passionate British motocross fans. 

In considering the future structure and organisation of the ACU British Motocross Championship, the ACU Board sought feedback from a wide range of stakeholders involved in the current series whose helpful, constructive input informed the ACU Board of the gaps in the current set up. As a result, the ACU Board have taken the positive decision which will involve a number of key changes to the organisation and presentation of the competition.

From 2025 the ACU British Motocross Championship will again be organised in-house by the ACU and delivered through a new team working directly with organising clubs, participating teams and commercial partners.  The ACU Board are confident the energy and fresh ideas from this new, collaborative approach will appeal to the entire motocross community.  The format and structure of both the adult and youth championships will change, for the benefit of our competitors, with further details to be announced in due course. 

In making this announcement, the ACU would like to acknowledge and express its thanks to RHL Activities Limited for their promotion of the series over the past four years.  The ACU has a longstanding relationship with RHL and looks forward to working with them on future projects. 

In the meantime, we are excited to see the successful conclusion to this year’s ACU Dirt Store MXGB British Motocross Championship. 

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