Hooton Lodge Farm OSET Experience a huge success!

By Team TMX on 19th Mar 24

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Rotherham’s Hooton Lodge Farm welcomed 200 children to enjoy an OSET bike experience this month. Working together with the new OSET dealer, Rev Shed, the team welcomed over 160 kids to come and ‘have a go’ on the electric dirt bike and watch 40 youngsters participate in the first round of the OSET Cup North.

The day was the precursor to a planned off-road experience centre at the venue. Here anyone aged 4 – 84 can enjoy a unique motorbike adventure. Designed for absolute beginners (if you can ride a push bike you can ride an OSET) through to seasoned motorbike riders, the Hooton OSET Experience will welcome people of all ages to come and have fun on an electric motorbike.

Jordan Potter, owner of Rev Shed, said: “What a day! We were rammed and every space was taken within 40 minutes of opening the online invitation. We sold several bikes, have had interest from two dozen more and 80% of people trying OSET and motorbikes for the first time want to sign up for the longer experience that will take them on an adventure around the site.”

Running alongside the ‘Have-a-go’ opportunity was the first round of the OSET Cup North. With 40 children riding from age 4 – 12 all on electric bikes it signals that 2024 could be one of the strongest years to date for encouraging growth in trials.

In addition, over a quarter of the riders in the event were girls. In a sport traditionally dominated by boys, it was a welcome sight to see so many girls having fun and competing on bikes.

Simon Armstrong from OSET Bikes said: “I echo what Jordan said! What a day! I have been riding bikes for over 50 years and it’s brilliant to see so much enthusiasm and enjoyment by all the young people. Whether you’re riding for the first time and learning about the sport through to those kids that can compete at national level there is something for everyone at an OSET Cup.”

The team also welcomed Paul Bolton, a world extreme enduro champion and his family along to their first-ever OSET Cup, as well as Oliver Smith who encouraged all the riders while observing one of the six sections. Simon added: “Must say, a big thank you to Paul for handing out our trophies and thanks to Oliver and all of the observers on the day.”

The all-new TXP-20 and TXP-24 OSET electric off-road bikes have taken a giant leap forward. Every single component of the bikes has been optimised to deliver the best rider experience, and for the first time, the bikes come complete with a seat and trials unit giving families the option to ride the bike in whatever format they wish. This opens the opportunity for more enduro-style riding and introduces motorbikes to people who may never have ridden before. The ability to limit the power, response and speed remains in place, giving the responsible adult the ability to change settings in seconds.

Charlie Schofield, owner at Hooton Lodge Farm, said: “We could have filled those spaces five times over. It all bodes extremely well for the OSET experience centre we’re building and it’s just great that we’re getting more people on bikes. Around 80% of the kids that came to try the ride had never been on a motorbike before, which can only be a good thing for the sport and the industry as we introduce new people to the world of off-road. And the silent nature of electric bikes means no one even heard us.”

OSET Bikes marks its 20th year in business this year. Ian Smith, founder of the company, said; “It’s amazing that there is such a huge appetite out there for families to discover and enjoy new experiences together. OSET Bikes are ideal for any level of rider and all ages. Whether it’s riding around your back garden or coming along to events like the OSET Cup, our goal is to open up motorcycling and give kids the very best skill set possible, and people of all ages a really enjoyable experience.

“2024 is an exciting year for us as we work together with our dealers, event spaces, the sport’s governing bodies and importers to introduce new people to having fun on motorcycles – and that can only be a good thing!”

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